Meet Our Team

Endre L. Balogh

Founder of TAM, Director of Programs

In 2002, Endre began teaching group keyboard and music classes at various schools and music studios in San Francisco Bay Area. He was interested in making classes more fun with activities and games. During the lessons, he introduced music games and singing, clapping and moving, but he felt that he could do more...

The fact that young children enjoy math came to him as a sudden realization when he introduced simple counting games to his music lessons. Ever since then, Endre has been interested in teaching math and games through the use of music.

In 2005, Endre met Sue Courey when they taught together at the St. Cecilia Catholic School in San Francisco. At that time, she was working on her PhD dissertation. She found his math and music learning program very interesting. They decided to collaborate for a short study at the school. The study was successful and Toones Academic Music (TAM) was born. The collaboration became a serious effort to produce a curriculum-based education program.

Currently, Endre is the Director as well as lead teacher at the TAM’s education center in Foster City.

Endre has B.A. in Music Education (instrumental concentration) from San Francisco State University and a Professional Performer (saxophone, flute) degree from Trade Union of Hungarian Musicians in Budapest, Hungary. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Special Education (single subject/ math and music) at San Francisco State University.

Sue Courey, PhD


Sue is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at San Francisco State University and the coordinator of the Mild/Moderate Program in the Special Education Department. She earned her B.S. in Business Studies at Buffalo State College, and both her M.E. and PhD degrees at Vanderbilt University.

Sue and Endre collaborated and produced Toones Academic Music in 2005. In 2008, they published “Academic Music: Understanding Basic Fraction Concepts Through Music Notation” in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. They presented their publication at various conferences in 2009, such as the SSDA 26th Annual Conference, the Council of Exceptional Children 2009 Convention & Expo, and the 2009 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.

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