Board of Directors

Endre L. Balogh

Is a founder, director and lead teacher of Toones Academic Music (TAM). Endre has a degree in Music Performance, in Music Education and is pursuing a Master's degree in i Special Education. Endre has been teaching music since 1992. As a music teacher, Endre observed a correlation between music education and math skills. In 2005, Endre and Sue Courey studied this correlation and developed the Toones Academic Music Curriculum for children in grades K-4.

Since 2005, Endre has been teaching Academic Music in economically disadvantaged schools, in after-school enrichment programs and summer camps. Endre founded TAM as a vehicle to bring the curriculum to more children and to fill in the gaps created by cuts to public education. Endre was honored with the Prudential California Education Award in 2009 and the Russell Kent Education Award in 2012. He is also responsible for applying for grants for Toones. Endre devotes 240-250 hours per month to the organization. Endre was a volunteer teacher at Step by Step (Millbrae, CA) School from 1999 to 2002, where he taught piano to students with Cerebral Palsy.

Sue Courey

Has a Ph.D. in High Incidence Learning Disabilities and is an assistant professor in the Dept. of Special Education at San Francisco State University. Sue has participated in several educational research studies and presented papers at the 2003-2006 Conferences of the Council for Exceptional Children. In 2005, Sue and Endre studied the correlation between music education and math skills and developed the TAM curriculum. Sue is a director of the organization and devotes 5 -10 hours per month to the advancement of the program.

Ryan Chesire

Has a master.s degree in counseling psychology and was the At-Risk Counselor at Encinal High School in Alemeda, California, for the 2009-2010 academic year. Ryan has volunteered in elementary schools as drum teacher. Ryan is a director of TAM and devotes 5-10 hours per month to the organization

Christa Hui

Has more than 15 years of experience as a corporate accountant and was most recently the accounting manager at Kurt Orban Partners, LLC. Christa is the Chief Financial Officer of Toones Academic Music, and is responsible for maintaining the books and financial records of the organization. Christa devotes 30-40 hours per month to supporting our program.