TAM’s camps are built around fascinating music, art and language arts concepts with inspiring activities all tied together by a common storyline and by music. Music stimulates the mind and the nurtures soul. We offer piano instruction taught by fantastic music instructors -- a winning combination to help students think more strategically and enhance their self-confidence.

In addition, each day the children work on an art project, enjoy instruction with games, learn musical history and theory through drawing and coloring, and engage in critical thinking/problem solving with hands-on activities.

As the weeks progress, activities become more sophisticated and build toward a culminating project.

Our 2012 Summer Camp was a ton of fun!

Please check back in the spring of 2013 for next summer’s schedule.

Descriptions of Past Camp Experiences:

2012: Discover Latin (the root of many Romance languages), create amazing projects and learn to play fantastic games. Toones invites you on an imaginary journey back in time to the Roman Empire, an age that was filled with classical history, amazing culture and incredible inventions. It will be a journey built around a fascinating theme of language and creativity with playful activities that culminate in a masterpiece project. Each weekly session introduces new Latin (root of many European languages) words, inventions and fun ancient board-games and joyful outdoor activities.

2011: Take an imaginary journey to explore foreign culture and language through action, music and innovative projects of the Roman Empire. Dacia, Mesopotamia, Britain and many more countries will be visited during your fantastic voyage. What is more fun than exploring centuries through games, actions and projects? We make you a gladiator, an architect or even just an everyday citizen. A great adventure is waiting for you!