The benefits of the program at the Allen School are heartening for all who hope to improve results in math and reading in our public education system.
-- Tom Lantos, U.S. Rep. Congressman (Click here to view photos of Tom Lantos' visit)

In a standards based instructional environment 'Academic Music' makes 'real' the important relationship that Music has to all curriculum subjects. 'Academic Music' stimulates the mind and energizes the soul. A true jewel of humanity!
-- Dr. David Hutt, Superintendent of San Bruno School District

Saturday May 15th 2010, during the annual MTAC board meeting Bonnie Knight president of the Music Teacher's Association of California (MTAC-SF) endorsed Toones Academic Music(TAM)'s educational program.
-- Bonnie Knight, President and Branch Board of Directors of MTAC-SF

"A gain in state testing was shown since the beginning of the program.
--Kit Cosgriff, Allen School's Principal

TAM is not only enriching for the students, but I have also noticed that children are more focus with problem solving issues. They are using more reasoning skills in the classroom.
-- Cornell Cobbins, Operations Director at Visitacion Valley Community Center, Children's Program (San Francisco)

I've seen leaps and bounces in my kids.
-- Alisa Clancy, Operations Director at KSCM FM 91.1 Jazz Radio Station

The presentation on Toones Academic Music was one of the finest I've heard (10 years).
Toones Academic Music Learning was very interesting; I will definitely present this workshop to our school and principals. Thank you, please bring back next year.

Small School Distric Association's Annual conference, Sacramento 2010

What Teachers Said...

The following TAM testimonials were taken from various schools' anonymous surveys.

I enjoyed seeing the students excited about music. I saw big leaps in math in many students. The program made them so happy....

I am so grateful that my students have this chance to learn all they have learned.

Academic Music helps children think outside the box in an abstract way. It helps music notes with math patterns and facts. I love the program. I could go on and on!

I think it is excellent to teach that music has this connection to math. This is important!

The program helps students make connections to math. It definitely provided another opportunity for me to teach math or have students make connections to develop understanding.

This class loved the music class. They really looked foward to it!

What Students Said...

The following TAM testimonials were taken from various schools' anonymous surveys.

I just like it! I just like it!

The program was cool!

Everything we did in Academic Music was fun!

It is fun and I really like it. I wish that we can do it again.

I love the program.

I hope, you come next year!

Academic Music is fun because I love the recorder, math and playing the games.