Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toones Academic Music?
TAM is an educational program where academic learning incorporated within music becomes a fun learning experience recommended for kindergarteners and up.
What does Toones teach?
Toones teaches a child how to learn effective way academic subjects with music. TAM lessons focus on stimulating the student's intellectual thought processes. Toones uses music theory for a better explanation of math (music theory encompasses the ways in which to understand music and the science behind it all).
Why does Toones use music for math education?

As early as 500 BC, music was considered a science just as math was. Therefore, Toones wants to renew this tradition by involving the entire math learning process. For more information about music as a science, please visit: Science of Music. Music and math share a unison of many dynamics such as numeric values, patterns, and fundamental math concepts. Music bridges the gap between the preconception that math is boring and difficult to the reality that math is fun and easy.

How much does the Toones class cost?
Toones Academic Music is a non-profit organization, TAM strives to keep its services at a very reasonable prices.
Can a elementary classroom teacher with no or minimal musical knowledge implement TAM lessons?
Yes! TAM lessons are super easy to use and to understand because they introduce musical instruction at its micro-level. The basic TAM lessons use three musical movements (tap, clap and snap) and teach you how to feel the steady beat. The intermediate lessons use three musical movements (tap, clap and snap) and teach you how to group the beats. The advance lessons use clapping and chanting and teach you how long you should play various musical notes. When a classroom teacher feels comfortable with the musical movements then he or she can introduce the "Virtual Piano" or "Recorder" lessons to his or her class.
Do the TAM lessons align to the Common Core State Standards for Math?
Yes, all TAM lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Math. For more information, please click here
How many times a week do you recommend TAM lessons in a classroom?
We advocate at least two mini lessons per week for significant improvements in the child's progress and ultimate success. For example: Day One: Watch a TAM lesson's video (approx. 2 minutes) and answer the questions (2 minutes) then do the musical movements together (approx: 5 minutes). Day Two: Create a Lesson Variation together (approx: 5 minutes) then do the musical movements and ask mathematical questions (5-10 minutes).
When do you recommend to do a TAM lesson?
We recommend to use a TAM lesson as a transition time before your math class.