Lesson 21 Variations

Date Title Sponsored by
2014-04-09Aria's lesson variation"The best for less" King Tint
"Ultimate Fitness Experience" UFC Gym, San Bruno
"Treat your pain by restoring your health." Worldwide Integrative Healthcare
"Baking Supplies & Classes" Busy Bakers
"Suzuki & Traditional Innovations!" P3 Piano Studio
2014-04-07Asher's lesson variation"Be an example to children!" JLK Precision Motor Cycle
"Educational Programs for kids." Happy Hall Schools
"Inner balance, learning respect, self-defense" Pure Shao Lin Kung Fu Academy
"Quality Auto Parts" Airport Auto Parts
"Making music makes life better" Irina Piano Studio
2014-04-05Kaleb's lesson variation"Pizza Pasta Sandwiches" Pasquale`s West Coast
" Smart, Witty and Funny Music!" Andy Z
"Self-assurance, Focus And Confidence" Omine Karate Dojo
"Specializes in Japanese and European performance and maintenance " The Shop
"Music for Education" Eric Van James
"Friendly Neighborhood Mechanic" Express Auto Repair
2014-04-03Oliver's Lesson variation"Resale Maternity" Lovely Bump
"Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!" Dancel's Academy of Tae Kwon Do
"Quality, Reliable and Dependable" Tony s Auto Repair
"Collaborative Music Making" Musicians in the Making
The Hungarian Heritage Festival
2014-04-01Vivian's Lesson Variation"Electric Car Audio Mechanic" Legacy Auto Tech
"Quality Childcare in a Loving Home Environment!" Szilvias Daycare
"Trusted by customers since 1994" International Auto Body + Parts
"Joy, Learn and Complete" Allegro Music and Dance School
"Sweetest Place In Town" Candy Talk
"We Build Right" Eminent Electrical and Construction